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Every dog is an individual, and owners frequently have different goals for their dogs.  Some just want "a dog I can live with"; others want a dog which can accompany them on family outings;  and some may want to work with their dogs in various areas (therapy dogs, competition in dog sports, etc.).  We try to shape our instruction to meet these various needs.  Because we have multiple instructors present at every class, we can take time to address individual problems, and often can offer various solutions, because dog training is not a "one size fits all" activity.

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Consultations available by appointment


Due to a change in ownership at Oakhurst Veterinary Center, we have lost our classroom space. 

We will continue to give individual advice and consultation or work in small groups in your home or ours.  No long-term commitments, the price is reasonable and the time is very flexible. 

(Advanced work will still be available if desired.) 

 Call Betty at 727-595-4038 for details.

CGC Tests are scheduled by appointment only.  Please call.