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9865 131st Street, Seminole, FL 33776

Every dog is an individual, and owners frequently have different goals for their dogs. Some just want "a dog I can live with"; others want a dog which can accompany them on family outings; and some may want to work with their dogs in various areas (therapy dogs, competition in dog sports, etc.). We try to shape our instruction to meet these various needs. To facilitate this, we are now putting more emphasis on one-on-one sessions, because dog training is not a "one size fits all" activity.

But times change, circumstances change, and after two years of individual sessions due to Covid, we find that individual sessions are more beneficial for our clients, so we are changing, too. We are now offering only individual sessions for Puppy and Basic training, with a small weekly gathering for those who want more advanced work.

For detailed information on content, scheduling, and prices, check our Classes/Training page.

Fully insured -- Experienced Instructors

N.A.D.O.I. Members

Serving Pinellas County since 1991

GIFT CERTIFICATES always available -- see "Classes"

Consultations available by appointmenta

Call 727-595-4038 for details.

CGC Tests are scheduled by appointment only. Please call.

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