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Oakhurst Obedience! This is the place to go with your dog whether it be for puppy socialization, basic obedience or advanced classes. Chris and Betty are great trainers and they know their business. They exert knowledge, patience and flexibility understanding that not all dogs advance at the same pace. In addition the training becomes fun and amazingly the people in the classes develop a camaraderie and cheer for each other when a dog "gets it." 


Oakhurst Obedience is the best! Kind, friendly services personally constructed to your individual needs for your dog. I have trained my AE (American Eskimo), now 15, with Betty and Chris -- could not have done it without them. She has earned an RAE title for rally and a CD for obedience. I will currently be working on a new little guy I rescued. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing his growth, whether we show in trials, or just develop good behavioral skills, to take along with me wherever I go. Looking forward to working with Betty and Chris for many, many years to come.

Come join us. You will not be disappointed.

Kathy S.

It's quite amazing what dogs are capable of learning, as I learned when I took my "Lucky" to puppy classes 'way back when. I needed the instruction as well to know how to interact with him. I highly recommend new dog owners enrolling in a training class no matter if the dog is a puppy or an older pet. When owner and his/her dog are in sync it's a beautiful thing!

Heather L.

“I am writing this on behalf of my dog “Joey” and our entire family. Joey is our Rescued Aussie who just turned 5. While Joey is wonderful in our home, as he got older, we realized that being “social” with his family only, was not making him a safe or happy dog to have around other children or other dogs in the neighborhood. Then my best friend invited us to join her and “Coby” to participate in the “Doggy School” experience at Oakhurst.

“Joey eagerly `loaded up’ each Monday night to make the journey to “Doggy School”. Thanks to Betty and Chris’ experience, Joey was able to progress beyond his ability to “sit”, “stay” and “lay down”. He now is a joy to take on a walk. Joey’s confidence level increases with every successful “friendly stranger” encounter on the street, at PetSmart, and in the various other locations we are now able to visit as a result of his improved behavior. Our family is now able to include Joey in more family events thanks to our experience with “Doggy School”. We drive from South Pasadena each Monday night for the simple reason that Joey has the two sweetest teachers, who are sharing their experience in order to make our family’s relationship with our wonderful dog what we always hoped it would be.

I highly recommend the class for both “puppies” and “older” dogs who may need the opportunity to learn appropriate “social skills” in a safe environment, with caring and experienced instructors. A place where the owner learns as much as the dog does.

“Thank you again, 

Shauna M. & Joey”

“These KPT (or puppy) classes are invaluable.

As a dog owner, breeder, and competitor in AKC Conformation, Obedience and Rally, I value the opportunity to have new pups in a socialization class. In addition to home socialization with family and friends, these pups need to know the `ways of the world’ at an early age when their behaviors are being set for their grown-up dog life.

“Exposure to new people and other pups is of value way beyond the cost of the KPT class. This exposure lets the little guys know most folks will adore them, but not everyone. It offers them experience of acceptance and avoidance by other pups. The time spent in puppy class fosters the knowledge that the world is basically a good place. New people that they encounter when they are grown dogs are deemed to be just fine. Other dogs are OK, and OK is good. Most likely no signs of aggression or bad behavior will be directed at a new dog, because as a pup your dog discovered what other dogs are all about. Acceptance based on positive familiarity was learned in his puppy class.

“For dog owners that will continue on with basic obedience and other endeavors with their dog, many behavior and socialization problems will not need to be addressed, because these difficult and time consuming behaviors will not exist.”

Jean S. 

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