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(National Association of Obedience Instructors)

NADOI is a national organization which has certified (and/or tested) obedience trainers since 1965.

Oakhurst Obedience instructors are long-time certified members. NADOI newsletters and seminars offered to members give information on methods of training, new training tools and publications, and available activities to improve the human-animal bond.


NADOI, established in 1965, is the oldest certifying organization for dog training instructors. Our members teach people to train their dogs. Each member has proven they have the knowledge and ability to effectively train dogs, and to teach people.

To apply for Membership, one must have at least two years experience in training dogs and some experience in teaching classes or private lessons.

Certified Membership requires:

  • Successful completion of the Membership Application
  • At least five years' experience in dog obedience training
  • At least two years as a full-charge instructor
  • Worked with a minimum of 100 dogs
  • Group instructors must have taught at least 104 class hours; private instructors 288 hours.

Each applicant submits a written essay-type application. This application evaluates:

  • Knowledge of general dog behavior
  • Ability to deal with specific training problems
  • Knowledge and use of training methods
  • Teaching and training skills
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