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DeeDee in the park, playing "follow the scent and find the glove".  (She did - and then got to play tug-of-war with it. Yippee!)

Scoop - resting on his laurels after earning his first Rally Novice leg. He continued his winning ways earning a second leg later the same afternoon, with a second place ribbon

Jamie and Dixie want to know what's next. It's no fun just sitting and looking at Mom.

Swimming in the "people pool" on Soggy Doggie Day at Largo Recreation Center.  Cruiser (front) and Angel bring their rubber duck back to Mommy Betty -- so she can throw it again, of course!  (From Largo Leader)

Yes, an Old Dog CAN.learn new tricks -- and make Mommy really proud when she does.  ZOE (age 10) and Mommy Kathy (age unknown) earning an obedience title.

Katie showing off her attention and loose lead walking.

Canine Mathematics - Cierra + Hamlet = Puppy Love

"Take me out to the ball game"

Enjoying a Threshers game at "Bark in the Park" day.

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