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Hi! Since I'm the one who likes to talk (and write letters) when we decided to add a blog page, it was obvious which of us was going to be writing it. We're partway through our last class session of 2015, so I'm sort of thinking back over the year, and also forward to next year's classes. Someone told me once that when you take a trip, the first part of it you think about the place and experiences you've just left and the last half thinking about your destination, and I think it's kind of like that with this last class session. (And maybe a little bit about our one month off. We don't try to have classes in December, because not only are we in holiday mode, but so are most of our students, and the dogs' schedules are usually disrupted with company, traveling, parties, and all those holiday goodies.)

I'm hoping to get back to post more every week or so, share news and ideas -- but I'm not going to set up a rigid schedule. What do they say -- "Life is what happens when you'fre making other plans", and I'm looking forward to this being a fun communication, not a duty. So keep in touch, check back now and then. I hope you enjoy the website and the blog, and I hope we'll get to meet many of you in person in the coming months!

Betty -- and the tollers, Cruiser & Angel

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