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Hi! As the primary trainer for Oakhurst Obedience, I want to familiarize you with our new procedures, effective April 1, 2022, and tell you why I think they are more beneficial for both owners and dogs. For one thing, the time is totally flexible, so we can work around job schedules, personal appointments, etc. And the content is also flexible. We will be covering topics that are important to you and your situation, not someone else’s problem that you don’t share. We can include family members and/or others who interact with the dog on a regular basis – and I highly recommend that they be included as much as possible

How does it work? Rather than sign up for a pre-scheduled group class, you’ll make arrangements to meet with me at a time convenient for all concerned – meaning any time, any day of the week that we are both free to get together. I like to allow at least two hours for our first meeting. That gives you plenty of time to ask questions about specific problems, and gives me an opportunity to observe the dog, general temperament, and any behaviors which might lead to future problems. The first order of business is to answer those questions and give you some ideas on preventing or handling any current irritations. And then we’ll work on exercises to teach your dog basic obedience – “Sit”, “Heel” (walking on a leash), ‘"Come” when called, “Down” (body in contact with the floor), and then, maybe, “Stay”.


I generally recommend that you go home and use that information to work with the dog for a couple of weeks, then return for a second, shorter session when we will “fine tune” that work and possibly introduce some more advanced exercises. For instance – I rarely advise working on “stay” until the dog has the maturity to remember what he’s supposed to be doing, and some experience in following directions. If you later choose to continue with more training, we’ll set that up on an individual basis. All meetings are “pay-as-you-go” – no long-term contracts.


Where do we work? I prefer to work at my home. It’s not difficult to find, there’s plenty of parking, the physical set-up is good, and if I need any “different” equipment I probably have it on hand here. If we need other dogs for distraction or demonstration, mine are available. If the weather is cooperative, we will work outdoors – a large gazebo in a fenced yard. If that’s not possible, we’ll work in the garage, with access to a paved driveway if we need to move in a wider area. If necessary, I will travel to a client’s home for an extra charge.


Oh yes – cost. The initial session will be $80.00, with an additional $20.00 if you bring a second dog to work with. The second, shorter session will be $40.00 ($10.00 for an “extra” dog). A “travel” fee will depend somewhat on how far I have to go. We accept cash or personal checks – but not “plastic”.

And a little bit about how I work. I prefer to figure out how to prevent a problem if possible, rather than correct it after it develops. I try to use mostly positive methods – demonstration, encouragement, praise, reward, that sort of thing. But life is not always positive, and sometimes dogs, just like humans, have to learn “No!” (Not every traffic signal we come to on the road of life is green. Some of them say "No", and if we don't comply, trouble occurs.)

More questions? Ready to start training? Get your calendar and give me a call (727-595-4038) or e-mail ( and we’ll get started.

Betty Luttier, for Oakhurst Obedience 

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